Do you have weight loss goals?

Perhaps you want to make changes to your diet, but not sure where to start?

Sporting Chance offers 1:1 personalised nutritional advice, specialising in weight loss. Sign up for a FREE healthy lifestyle consultation now with Katie Stevens (Public Health Practitioner, specialising in weight loss).


What does the programme involve?

1 hour sessions once a week for 10 weeks at your family home. We will discuss where improvements can be made to your diet and discuss potential barriers to making these changes. I will educate you on reading food labels, so you can really understand whether foods are healthy or unhealthy. We will look at portion sizes and discuss ways in which we can control portion sizes. The programme focuses on making healthy changes for life and for your whole family, not just for the 10 weeks.


What happens during the consultation session?

A chance for you to meet with me and discuss your goals to see if a programme like this is suitable for you. We will also use this opportunity to take some measurements.

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