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Bring Your Best Girlfriend Along – The Girlfriend Special

Bring Your Best Girlfriend Along – The Girlfriend Special
For those who have a hard time motivating themselves, it might be easier to do this together with a good friend. My new package ideally combines friendship and sports. I can train best friends together once a week and make both of you more ambitious.

Find out more here about the Girlfriend Special.

New Running Trail in Rose Bay

I discovered a beautiful running trail during a leisurely Sunday stroll, which I am certain to be using with my clients in the future. The trail takes you through a beautiful park where the trees provide some welcome shade.

Discount at the 'Celebration' Fitness Studio
My good friend, Alan, manages the 'Celebration' fitness studio across from the mall in Bristol. Starting next month, I will be able to get a discount there which I will pass on fully to my clients. Thanks, Alan!

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